PTA Executive Board

Board Members and Event Chairpersons

Advocacy - VACANT

Back to School Luncheon - Jennifer Lewis

Book Fair - Denise Powell & Amy Aken

Calendar - Lizzy Smith

Communications - Steve Padgett

Community Coffee- VACANT

Direct Donation - Charlin Yamamoto

Green Team Liason - VACANT

Family Reading Night- Mickey Cooperrider & Melanie Williams

Family Snowball Dance - Liz Reyes Cattaneo & Jing Xu

Fifth Grade Party - Reemu Mehta, Elizabeth Fitch

Harvest Festival - Reemu Mehta & Anjali Rao, & Shweta Dodeja

Honorary Service - Lizzy Smith

Hospitality - Diana Britton & Shannon Gutierrez

Ice Cream Social  - Diana Britton & Shannon Gutierrez

Morning Greeter Liason - VACANT

Multicultural Dance - VACANT

Multicultural Festival - Fabiola Restrepo

Project Cornerstone - Erin Garrido 

Publicity- Edric Yamamoto

Reflections - Pragati Sharma

Silent Auction - Melanie Williams

STEAM Night - Xiao Gong and Sue Mohanan Padmini

Student Store - Maria Chierichetti

Teacher Appreciation Week - VACANT

WatchDogs - Willie Britton & David Ho

Yearbook- Carrie Padgett & Steve Padgett